BASATO – Giải pháp truyền tin báo sự cố thông minh

BASATO – Giải pháp truyền tin báo sự cố thông minh
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Big data – AI technology

Integrating big data with AI technology to improve the ability to accurately predict real-life situations, gradually improve the experience in systems to ensure safety and convenience for users.
Warranty Policy
  • Equipment warranty period is 1 year
  • Warranty 1 exchange 1 new navigation device according to the warranty policy
  • Optional long-term warranty package
  • Discounts on warranty packages for a large number of devices
  • Built-in intelligent machine learning algorithms
  • Normalize and analyze data
  • Integrate multiple sources of information
  • Advanced data-driven accuracy
  • Improve the ability to accurately predict problems
  • Provides calculations to support decision-making
  • Application to real problems

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