BASATO – Giải pháp truyền tin báo sự cố thông minh

BASATO – Giải pháp truyền tin báo sự cố thông minh
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AV-CH60 Data Collector

AV-CH60 Data Collector

Data collector with 6 digital inputs, wired connection.

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Signal tower lights

Warranty 1 exchange 1 new navigation device according to

fire 1

Fire alarm communication equipment

The kit helps to provide early warning of fire incidents through 4G technology. The device will monitor the incident status and warn on the software system, mobile application to help detect the fire incident as soon as possible, in order to minimize the loss of life and property to the community.

IoT phuong tien

IoT devices in vehicles

IoT devices help monitor the safety of every vehicle’s journey. The device operates on the 4G band to provide high-speed bandwidth for vehicles that need to transmit media data, combined with GPS satellite signals, suitable for many vehicle models, mainly serving commercial vehicles. transportation (passenger, cargo).


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IoT solution platform

Platform connecting smart terminals. Modern architecture, multi-service, ensuring connection of millions of devices simultaneously

6348tu van giam sat

Vehicle safety monitoring

Safety monitoring by IoT devices installed on vehicles. Intuitive extraction, efficient and safe operation.

Landslides mapping 1024x536 1

Online digital map

Provide a platform for applications and customers to actively manage and exploit on the digital map platform

Anh MB 1 400x225 1

Big data – AI technology

Integrating big data with AI technology to improve the ability to accurately predict real-life situations, gradually improve the experience in systems to ensure safety and convenience for users.

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